Everything went wrong here

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like Some­how Hikaru was feel­ing a lot worse. Even if her last dream had been calm, this one surely wasn’t. Some­thing was wrong. Some­thing was really, ter­ribly wrong. She was star­ing right at the per­son that had been chas­ing her through her night­mares. Two big, glow­ing green eyes stared right back at her. Right back through … 

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Spread.wav, Chapter 15 END

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Chapter 15: End! “Hello, my name is Nen­riki. Nice to meet you!” Haruki and Joëll smiled at the girl. “Nice to meetcha too!”, Haruki said, his boy­friend nod­ding hap­pily. “I think sis and your bro are wait­ing down­stairs for you.” Nen­riki prac­tic­ally glowed with hap­pi­ness. “Oh, thank you so much, I’ll go see them now!” – Hikaru and … 

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Spread.wav, Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Sis­ter! Well, fuck. That was lit­er­ally everything Hikaru could think right now. Fuck. Pavel was hold­ing his nose, Luna was laugh­ing way too loud and Chi­hon was scold­ing Yuugi for hit­ting a vam­pire, because that was not the cor­rect way to exor­cise them. Yuugi wasn’t hav­ing any­thing of it and Hikaru was get­ting a head­ache. “Please, …

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Spread.wav, Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Strife! (part 5) Hikaru inspec­ted the win­dow. Locked from the inside, the room wasn’t lit. It wasn’t double glaz­ing so one well-located kick could break it. But Hikaru’s rebel­li­ous streak kicked in instead, and she loaded her snow­ball can­non with a rock. Need­less to say; the win­dow broke. Hikaru jumped through the broken win­dow and entered … 

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Spread.wav, Chapter 11

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Chapter 11, Strife (part 4) Chihon’s office was loc­ated on the ground floor. For which she was very happy because this meant she wouldn’t have to fly, lev­it­ate or walk stairs. She dis­liked that. She’d rather sit down in a comfy chair with a nice, good book. But she was here now and the world was kind of … 

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