Chapter 15: End!

Hello, my name is Nen­riki. Nice to meet you!”

Haruki and Joëll smiled at the girl. “Nice to meetcha too!”, Haruki said, his boy­friend nod­ding hap­pily. “I think sis and your bro are wait­ing down­stairs for you.” Nen­riki prac­tic­ally glowed with hap­pi­ness. “Oh, thank you so much, I’ll go see them now!”


Hikaru and Yuugi were both pacing around as idi­ots. Not that they actu­ally were idi­ots. Not at the moment. They just were really, really con­cerned about Nen­riki. “Why didn’t you tell me you have a sis­ter?”, Hikaru muttered. “Because they were still in pro­duc­tion. You don’t go tell people you have a new sib­ling before they’re born!”, Yuugi replied.

Well, that made sense.

Wait, ‘they’?

There’s more of them?”, Hikaru asked. Yuugi nod­ded. “Well, the other one’s not even close to fin­ished so…” Hikaru nod­ded. Made sense. Again.

Yuugi never made so much sense before.

Hello brother! And hello sis­ter of the lovely man upstairs!”

Both Hikaru and Yuugi looked at Nen­riki hap­pily. “Hiya sis!”, Yuugi said, smil­ing widely. “Hello Nen­riki, my name is Hikaru and I’m Yuugi’s girlfriend.”


That came out rather quickly.

Well, nice to meet you Hikaru! I hope my brother isn’t too much a bother to you!”, Nen­riki replied. Hikaru shook her head. “No, he isn’t.”

If only she knew.

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