Chapter 14: Sister!

Well, fuck.

That was lit­er­ally everything Hikaru could think right now.


Pavel was hold­ing his nose, Luna was laugh­ing way too loud and Chi­hon was scold­ing Yuugi for hit­ting a vam­pire, because that was not the cor­rect way to exor­cise them. Yuugi wasn’t hav­ing any­thing of it and Hikaru was get­ting a headache.

Please, can we all just calm down? There is no need to break out in a fight, we are all civ­il­ized people.”, Yuugi’s appar­ent sis­ter said. They all instantly calmed down. Hikaru thought that she might like the girl.


If you’re here, you’re the one broad­cast­ing the .wav, right?”, Hikaru asked.

Nen­riki nodded.



That means we’ll have to shut you off.”, Chi­hon said. “Such a tra­gic end­ing to our fated meet­ing, my beloved!”, Pavel mused dra­mat­ic­ally. “I haven’t even caught your name!” The girl chuckled. “My name is Nen­riki, mis­ter. And I’d watch out with what you’re say­ing, con­sid­er­ing my little brother is still in this very same room.”

Luna nod­ded, Chi­hon cleared her throat, hold­ing back her laughter, but Yuugi’s shoulders drooped. “We’re turn­ing her off? How do we fix her?”

Hikaru’s thoughts were racing and the only thing that came to her mind was what fixed Yuugi. “Don’t worry Yuugi, we’ll take her to Haruki and he’ll fix her! It’ll erase some of her memor­ies though…” Yuugi opened his mouth to reply, but Nen­riki hushed him and smiled. “It’s ok dear. You haven’t prop­erly intro­duced me to your girl­friend any­way, have you?” Yuugi shook his head in reply, his face turn­ing red. And Hikaru felt her face do the same. “Well then. You guys go ahead. I don’t mind.”, Nen­riki said. Chi­hon looked at her and muttered: “How do you even turn her off any­way.” Yuugi pushed her out of the way and reached for the off-button. “Nenri, can you tell me one thing? How did you get here?”

I have no idea dear, I just woke up here one day.”

Yuugi shut his sis­ter off without reply­ing, but he looked and Hikaru and she nod­ded. They weren’t done with the bad guys just yet.

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