Chapter 11, Strife (part 4)

Chihon’s office was loc­ated on the ground floor. For which she was very happy because this meant she wouldn’t have to fly, lev­it­ate or walk stairs. She dis­liked that. She’d rather sit down in a comfy chair with a nice, good book. But she was here now and the world was kind of depend­ing on it, so she figured she’d bet­ter get on with it. So with pre­cise care, she kicked in the win­dow of the office the team has given her to enter and stepped inside.

The office smelled an awful lot like fish. Raw fish, like it was a mar­ket stall of some sorts. “Ugh, gross. How is this a good work­ing envir­on­ment…”, Chi­hon muttered, adjust­ing her glasses with a pained expres­sion. “Excuse you? Don’t you like the smell of fresh fish?”. This reply came from the dark­ness where the desk should be loc­ated. “No, I do not.”, Chi­hon said calmly.

It stayed silent for a while, but then some­thing lashed out towards Chi­hon and Chi­hon had to dodge it quickly. As she dodged, she grabbed one of the books she was car­ry­ing and hit the per­son attack­ing her on the head with it. The woman crouched down in pain and moaned. “What the fuck did you just slap me with, a brick?”, she asked. “No, an encyc­lo­pe­dia.”, Chi­hon replied dryly. “That’s even worse!”

Chi­hon just shrugged. “You were plan­ning to attack me with a giant tuna. Now who’s being ridicu­lous here.” The woman huffed. “Whatever. I bet you want the key, right?” Chi­hon nod­ded. “Here.” Said keys were thrown at Chi­hon, who man­aged to catch them without break­ing a sweat. And while she walked out of the office and into the hall­way, there was only one thing she could think.

That was easier than expected.”

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