Chil­dren every­where! Also aliens.

Chil­dren every­where! Also aliens.

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Look at her, with her dumb outift, pregnsnt and shit. So what happened this time? Lee impreg­nated two more Sims. Candy, with her kyoot hair, and Caleb. Because WR gave me the idea. Blame him. This also happened: Ferdin­and is a cute tod­dler. I grew pretty attatched to my smol floofy babe. TALK ABOUT BABES: These four happened. Still saving … 

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Why are these women doing this to themselves

Why are these women doing this to themselves

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Lee still hasn't been adbuc­ted by ali­ens. Might use a mod to get him abduc­ted. This is tak­ing hella long! Wait this series was about fuck­ing. And babies. TALK ABOUT BABIES! This is Ferdin­and, out first Lee-spawn that's… In our house. Mean­while Lee fucked her. In the tele­scope. Idek maybe the ali­ens would get more inter­ested. She liked … 

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<span class="caps">TODDLERS</span> <span class="caps">EVERYWHERE</span>


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SUP HOMIES! Lilith brought Caled over, and I decided to let Lee exper­i­ment. Hey, why not fuck Caleb too? I mean, can't get him preg­nant (without cheat­ing) but still. Why not. We're at it any­way. Other chicks we screwed this epis­ode: Yeah they're not bad. Except what with that one chick's high­lighter? Or blush? Or white­face? What … 

Fid­get Spin­ner: <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">GAME</span> ™

Fid­get Spin­ner: THE GAME ™

Wel­come to Fid­get Spin­ner. Spin­ner. Fin­ger Spin­ner. Why is this game called 3 dif­fer­ent things in 3 dif­fer­ent places… I'm going to call it Fid­get Spin­ner: THE GAME ™ from now on. Any­way, enough stalling, more play­ing. Let's start the game. This looks kind of fun. Oh, wait, this is just an ad. This non-interactive ad already looks like more fun … 

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All These Changes Oh My!

All These Changes Oh My!

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Ladies and gen­tle­men, out of bore­dom, I built Lee an actual house. Here are some screen­shots. Also a super-secrep base­ment, built for future plans: Another change is the addi­tion of Tifa Byoo to the house­hold! Let me explain why I'm doing all of this. This Tues­day a new gamepack hits the game, and it's based on rais­ing children. … 

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