Chapter 12: Strife! (part 5)

Hikaru inspec­ted the win­dow. Locked from the inside, the room wasn’t lit. It wasn’t double glaz­ing so one well-located kick could break it. But Hikaru’s rebel­li­ous streak kicked in instead, and she loaded her snow­ball can­non with a rock.

Need­less to say; the win­dow broke.

Hikaru jumped through the broken win­dow and entered the office, tak­ing her weapon with her without any effort at all.

Well, hello THERE visitor.”

The voice was dis­tor­ted. Like 7 or more voices were try­ing to form one uni­form thing but heav­ily fail­ing to do so. “I sus­pect you came with the other crim­in­als break­ing into MY office, right?”

Hikaru looked around but couldn’t find where the voice came from. “Don’t you try to FUCKING look for ME. I’m not HERE any­way.” Hikaru shuddered. “You don’t have to talk like that, y’know.”, she muttered. “SHUT UP! YOU are the one who foiled MY mas­ter­plan, you know that? If you weren’t DEAF I would’ve won!”



I’m not deaf! I can hear you per­fectly thank you very much!”, Hikaru yelled at the voice, which seemed to come from nowhere in par­tic­u­lar. “Not like THAT. You can’t hear the .WAV so you’re basic­ally IMMUNE to the virus. Like you are already DEAD anyway.”


Well that explained a lot.

Hikaru had to think of a plan for a while, but decided that talk­ing was a good thing to try. “So, if your plan is already ruined, can we shut down the android that is spread­ing the virus?”

It was silent for a while, but then: “Yeah whatever I DON’T CARE ANYMORE.”


Hikaru met up with the oth­ers in the hall­way. They all looked sat­is­fied, but Hikaru knew the hard­est part would be com­ing now. Good thing every­body looked ready.

Not that it was the best party to have. But it was all she had right now.

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