Wel­come to Fid­get Spin­ner. Spin­ner. Fin­ger Spin­ner. Why is this game called 3 dif­fer­ent things in 3 dif­fer­ent places… I'm going to call it Fid­get Spin­ner: THE GAME ™ from now on. Any­way, enough stalling, more play­ing. Let's start the game.

Ketchapp Ballz
And I present you BALLZ. Ser­i­ously who thought this name was a good idea?

This looks kind of fun. Oh, wait, this is just an ad. This non-interactive ad already looks like more fun than the game I am about to play. I present you Fid­get Spin­ner: THE GAME ™.

This game isn't as dull as it looks. It's much worse.

Ugh, why am I doing this to myself? Any­way, yes, you guessed right, you spin the spin­ner to spin enough spins so you can get some spin coins to spend it on a bet­ter spin­ner to spin.

Can you feel my pain?
Coins. I'm so excited. Really.

The coins were so worth it. Except not. Why is this hap­pen­ing to me? What made me click this devil-spawn of a game?

But wait! There's more!

Of course, the game wouldn't be com­plete without some­thing to spend the coins on. And noth­ing is more hip and edgy than stick­ers so you can cus­tom­ise your very own spin­ner to spin.

Am I edgy enough yet?

Any­way, there are some more options but I lost all my will (if found, please leave a com­ment, I need my will). We'll end here, and I'll go drink my weight in vodka. Hope­fully, an alcohol-induced memory loss will help me for­get this.

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