Ladies and gen­tle­men, out of bore­dom, I built Lee an actual house. Here are some screenshots.

Also a super-secrep base­ment, built for future plans:

Another change is the addi­tion of Tifa Byoo to the house­hold! Let me explain why I'm doing all of this. This Tues­day a new gamepack hits the game, and it's based on rais­ing chil­dren. Of course, as a storyteller I must get this. That, how­ever, means that I had to change my plans for Lee a little bit, because badly raised kids will get pen­al­ties from Tues­day on. I really want Lee to get kid­napped by ali­ens and impreg­nated by those same ali­ens, but I also wanna raise the kid? Sorta? So Tifa has been made, in order to get someone in the house­hold that's will­ing to handle chil­dren. Lee has the Hates Chil­dren trait.

So Tifa here will take care of Lee's alien child when it finally hap­pens. In the meantime…

She'll be pregnant.


Did her. In a bush. Good job Lee.

Last pic, have tot num­ber 6, Nickie. She looks lovely.

Next epis­ode, more game­play and less building!

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