Lee still hasn't been adbuc­ted by ali­ens. Might use a mod to get him abduc­ted. This is tak­ing hella long!

Wait this series was about fuck­ing. And babies.

TALK ABOUT BABIES! This is Ferdin­and, out first Lee-spawn that's… In our house.

Mean­while Lee fucked her. In the tele­scope. Idek maybe the ali­ens would get more interested.

She liked little Ferdin­and so she'll like her Lee-spawn too. I think.

This girl played hard to get /and/ had to be fucked mul­tiple times to get preg­nant. Bitch.

In the mean­time, Ferdin­and became a tod­dler! Look at this… spe­cial child.

Next time: more fuck­ing, more tod­dlers, maybe ali­ens. See ya!

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