So it was 100% for mak­ing Sum­mer "research" stuff. Research it is. Very, very hands-on research.

Sum­mer changes

Okay so I real­ised after writ­ing yes­ter­day that I missed oppor­tun­ity to give Sum­mer chest hair. So today we pre­tend yes­ter­day didn't exist and I present you Sum­mer 2.0.

Summer 2.0, now with added chest hair!
Sum­mer 2.0, now with added chest hair!

The flat

Since you didn't see the flat yet, this is it. Of course it's huge, like Sum­mer or Winter would settle for any­thing less grand! Well, actu­ally, it was the only flat which both could fit them all and Sum­mer could afford, but we don't talk about that, shh.

The Weather Control Center
The Weather Con­trol Center

Summer's room

Let's start this brief tour with Summer's little king­dom. It's not the biggest room, but it has a com­puter! Sum­mer may have lost this battle, but he now has the tool to win the war.

Summer's room, do not enter under threat of lots of pleasure
Summer's room, do not enter under threat of lots of pleasure

Winter's lair

This is the biggest room in the flat. And it has space to store all of Winter's shoe col­lec­tion. Besides, spa­cious rooms are good for world dom­in­a­tion plan­ning. Or so Winter says.

Winter's shoe collection with room in the background
Winter's shoe col­lec­tion with room in the background

Spring & Autumn

Spring and Autumn share a room on the basis of not being evil and being able to coex­ist with other people. There's huge prob­lem though, there's only one bed! Quick, call the Panic Pre­ven­tion Squad before things escalate!

Let The Panic Hit The Floor
Let The Panic Hit The Floor

After a brave inter­ven­tion of Panic Pre­ven­tion Squad the crisis was aver­ted, the world is safe again. Thank you Panic Pre­ven­tion Squad!

Crisis averted, call off the sirens
Crisis aver­ted, call off the sirens

On the search for the specimen

After the tour, it's time to find the research spe­ci­men. And what a bet­ter place to find one than out­side! There's even this con­veni­ently place box out­side, maybe it'll help!

Very conveniently placed box of lies and deceit
Very con­veni­ently placed box of lies and deceit

A snow­globe! Who dares to insult Sum­mer so much! Why snowglobe? They could've made a sun­globe but decided to waste resources on this atro­city instead. But hey, what's that in the back­ground? It seems like some sort of social gath­er­ing! Lots of spe­ci­mens in one con­veni­ent place!

An alien lifeform
An alien lifeform

Ah, it seems this alien life­form is try­ing to attract a mate! What a great idea!

How should Sum­mer attract a spe­ci­men for his research?
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