Chapter 1: Sound!

So you guys are actu­ally dat­ing? That is so cute!”, Koibito was squeal­ing. Again. Hikaru came to think it was her sig­na­ture sound or some­thing. She nod­ded quietly, feel­ing how Yuugi was tug­ging her right arm away from the girl. He was still in denial over the whole thing. And pos­sibly in shock too. “I always thought you two would make a great couple.”, Koibito said. “And now I see I was spot on!” She was sound­ing rather pleased with her­self. It made Hikaru annoyed, and Yuugi even more. “Well, now every­body has someone, you can’t use your tal­ents any­more.”, Hikaru said, to save Yuugi from mak­ing a witty remark. Koibito sighed dra­mat­ic­ally. Yuugi sighed too, but it was far more irritated.


Haruki watched the screen of his PC care­fully. It was hooked off from the inter­net, since the virus was still spread­ing, but he had col­lec­ted data from Yuugi’s internal drives to test. The virus was vir­tu­ally unknown. And after see­ing what it had done to his sis­ter and her friend, he was determ­ined to find out everything about it. Joëll was sit­ting next to him, being pretty over­whelmed by Haruki’s sud­den fight­ing spirit. And sup­port­ive too. I helped him think, said things he noticed out loud. And then he remembered. “Hey bro, Yuugi said some­thing about Hikaru not being infec­ted after 3 weeks. How is that even possible?”


Haruki didn’t know. Why would his sis­ter stay clean for such a long time? Her fire­wall wasn’t as advanced as Yuugi’s, espe­cially since she only was a cyborg.

What he did know, how­ever, was that he found a very strange file in his doc­u­ments. It was called SPREAD.wav and it was a sound. A sound in-between data got­ten from an internal drive of an android. “Now that’s strange.”, Haruki muttered, double-clicking it. Joëll gulped. “Bro, I don’t think this is a good idea…”


Yuugi was now ser­i­ously tug­ging at her arm, but that wasn’t both­er­ing Hikaru. Some­thing else was though. There was a weird buzzy noise com­ing from some­where, and it made her lose focus on Koibito and Yuugi. What the hell was it? It annoyed her, she tried to shake it away, but it felt like it came from inside her head.

And then she heard Yuugi moan slightly.

The noise. Was not her noise alone. “Can you hear that Yuugi?”

He nod­ded. And Hikaru decided that this was not good. This was not good at all.

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