Chapter 10: The End (?)

There we go! I think I fixed most of his memory loss.”, Haruki took off his glasses and laid down his tools. Joëll and Hikaru were both look­ing at him anxiously. In-between them was a still uncon­scious Yuugi. “I’m not sure how much of it is lost. How­ever he won’t be able to make that test this Monday.” Haruki smiled slightly, but Hikaru just sighed. “Don’t worry, we’ll help out.”, Joëll said. Haruki nod­ded quietly. “Thanks…”, Hikaru muttered. Care­fully, she crawled over to him and booted him up. Every­one held their breath. All of his lights flickered for a while, before Yuugi looked up at Hikaru. She stared back at him, pray­ing that he would at least know who she was.

A moment of silence, that seemed to be an etern­ity, passed by, before Yuugi smiled at her. “Hey Hikac­chan! What are you doing here?” He looked around. “Hello Joëll, Haruki-bro! What are you all doing here?” No-one answered, instead, Hikaru threw her arms around him, sob­bing loudly. “Is… Is everything alright?”, Yuugi asked. “Yeah, everything’s good now you’re back with us bro!”, Joëll said, pat­ting Yuugi on the back. “You kinda blacked out. Hikaru was wor­ried so she called us.”, Haruki explained. “Oh…”, Yuugi said. “I don’t remem­ber that…”, he muttered. “My time data is off too.” Haruki sighed. “Sorry bro, couldn’t fix everything.”, he replied. “It’s okay, it’s fine…”, Hikaru muttered, still hug­ging Yuugi. Who in turn turned slightly red. “Uhm… This is really awk­ward…”, he said, look­ing away. “Oh shut it.” Hikaru didn’t let go of Yuugi, instead of that, she kissed him.

He wasn’t going to get away with memory loss. No way.

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