Chapter 8: Remember?

Help me.”

There was noth­ing. She could not feel. She could not see. Did she even have a body? It felt like she just didn’t exist.

Please, help me. I’m losing.”

Los­ing? Is this a game sud­denly? She couldn’t speak, obvi­ously. But it was like the voice under­stood her.

No game. But I am los­ing. Please help me.”

This dream was so dif­fer­ent. She didn’t understand.

I am sorry. Please, you must remember…”

The voice faded. Sound­ing like it was in pain somehow.

What was going on?


The dream was really dif­fer­ent.”, Hikaru said, while eat­ing break­fast. “It was like, someone called out for me. There was noth­ing but a voice.” Haruki listened quietly. “Maybe… I should keep dream­ing to find out?” He nod­ded at his sister’s pro­posal. “For now, that is the best idea.”, he replied.

Good morn­ing. Today is Sat­urday. This is the news of 8AM-

Hikaru sighed loudly. “It’s still weird… Why would I even dream about some­thing dis­cussed in his­tory classes?”

You’re right. You think the dreams will change sub­ject when we had our test?”, Haruki replied. Both sib­lings thought about it for a while, and then sighed again.

The com­puter virus, offi­cially named ‘Ill-usion’, has been con­firmed to infect over one thou­sand elec­trical devices in the area. The virus is well-known for knit­ting together browser his­tory to change set­tings of your device-“

Haruki sighed loudly this time. “I miss my online matches…”, he muttered. “You’re such a geek.”, Hikaru replied. She grabbed her cell­phone. “I’m going to call Yuugi. We could go get some ice cream together.” But her phone only made weird dial-up noises. “He’s off­line, you dork.”, Haruki said. Hikaru fell silent for a moment before real­iz­ing Yuugi’s cell­phone was a built-in model. “I ser­i­ously need to pay atten­tion to what he says. Some­times.”, she muttered, get­ting up. “I’m going to go over to see if he wants to go out. Wanna tag along?” Haruki shook his head. “Gonna study.”, he said. Hikaru shrugged. “Fine by me!”

-oids also have been infec­ted. Please use all elec­tron­ical devices safely.”

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