Chapter 7: Rational?

I’m sorry.”

Haruki didn’t expect his sis­ter to say this. But Hikaru apo­lo­gized, look­ing at her feet with a mix of emotions.

It’s fine. I under­stand. When you feel like this you kinda jump on con­clu­sions, right?”

Hikaru knew her brother was the best per­son in the world. She hugged him tightly, and he pet­ted her head.

If you want to know who is related to the witch hunter…”, he muttered softly. Hikaru shook her head. “I don’t believe those things any­more.”, she replied. “I sud­denly… I think I’ve got a hunch now. Thanks to Yuugi.”

The next day Hikaru was stand­ing in front of the lib­rary again. But this time Haruki went with her. She felt more at ease with her brother around. More con­fid­ent than last time, she entered the lib­rary, intend­ing to find Chi­hon and ques­tion her. But find­ing the lib­rar­ian wasn’t really easy, her work­place was way too large. So the sib­lings lost their way in the labyrinth of books. Just when they were about to give up, Chi­hon sud­denly stood in front of them. “You’re back?”

Chi­hon frowned. “So you are hav­ing weird dreams. Why would I have any­thing to do with that?” Hikaru opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by the other female. “I just gave you inform­a­tion. There have been a lot of stu­dents from your school here because the inter­net is dan­ger­ous and there will be a his­tory test soon.” Chi­hon scoffed. “I don’t even believe in proph­etic dreams. Everything has a rational explan­a­tion if you ask me.” Haruki tried to speak this time, but was cut off all the same. “I didn’t even know you had a brother. I didn’t know about those dreams. Are you sure you aren’t just ima­gin­ing things? If not, try look­ing for a solu­tion closer to home. And that is all.”

The sib­lings stood out­side again. “Well, that went…”, Haruki star­ted. “Hor­rible.”, Hikaru fin­ished. Her brother nod­ded and sighed. “But she is right. There’s no such thing as haunt­ings. There is some­thing real caus­ing this. I’m sure of it.”

I sure hope so…”

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