A most beau­ti­ful man appears

A most beau­ti­ful man appears

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Look at this hand­some son of a llama. This is Lee Ugg. My brother was the cre­at­ive designer of… uhm… this. I told him I wanted an ugly male Sim that would woo­hoo as many female Sims as pos­sible and he went for it, proudbly present­ing 'this guy with a skin­tone that looks like cum' and stat­ing that 'he …

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Sims 4, Vam­pire Adven­tures! (part 10)

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You asked for it! Both couples try for a baby and we do not cheat to find out any­thing about the preg­nan­cies! We'll come back to this later. Kenta's par­ents work a lot, luck­ily Ruby loves kids so she's tak­ing care of this little one on her­self too. Such a good vam­pire. Oh yes! Our res­taur­ant is here! I made … 

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