Look, that's Lee's spawn grow­ing right there. Demonic off­spring of Fuck­boy Ron­ald McDonald.

Oh yeah, so Lee fucked five more Sims. I know I said I met four but num­ber five came knock­ing onto Lee's door just beg­ging for his seed and hey what's a man to do?

First off, this chick. Her out­fit was hor­rible. Really not a mem­or­able fuck imo.

Her name is Sum­mer, I feel accom­plished. Lee made Sum­mer preg­nant. Good job Lee.

The gar­derner of the neigh­bors because why not. Also look at Lee, like a hungry wolf look­ing at his prey. God dangit.

SO THIS PIECE OF TITS RIGHT! Lee had to do her 3 times before she got preg­nant. At least she liked it. I guess.

Her traits are Unf­lirty and Dis­likes Chil­dren and Lee STILL GOT HER PREGNANT! What a man.

Another tod­dler joins the ranks, this is Isabel!

I'm sav­ing all the kids, as young adults, to my lib­rary. So when this is over, I can show you all the kids and you can vote for the pret­ti­est or smth. I dunno yet.

That's all the fuck­ing for today. I'm gonna try to get Lee a vam­pire chick next. See you in part three.

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