There were two votes for a vam­pire boy­friend, and one vote for con­vert­ing a karaōke bar friend. So a boy­friend it is!

BUT FIRST! Let me actu­ally show Ruby's castle:

I'm very proud of this build, ok?

Let's get on with the story.

We return to Ruby, brush­ing up on her pipe organ skills. Yes, pipe organ skills. If you guys want me to take a video of her play­ing this thing one time, let me know. Because I will. Pipe organ is such a great, great instru­ment too. It'll always brighten Ruby's mood. And scare other Sims.

Ruby is actu­ally pretty hungry after that, so she 'per­suades' a Sim for a nice drink. And did she taste good! Ruby was so happy after this, her plasma appar­ently was very tasty.

Well then, onto the main event. This is Caleb! One of two young adult male vam­pires cur­rently in my game. The other one is butt-ugly, so Caleb is my man of choosing.

But /just/ as Ruby and Caleb were get­ting it on, the but­ler star­ted med­dling with their con­ver­sa­tion. So Caleb rejec­ted Ruby's kiss and left the castle. That was awkward.

Ruby got so angry she threw away her 'human' dis­guise and spent her night haunt­ing Sims in her true form.

She actu­ally broke into a ran­dom Sim's house and sucked him dry- I mean, used him as din­ner. Don't worry, he's still alive. He's just a little tired. Fall­ing asleep on the floor.

Spend­ing almost all her energy, Ruby went to sleep inside her coffin when the morn­ing began.

Mean­while this tree star­ted grow­ing through the wall, so I relo­cated it outside.

Get­ting Caleb back into the castle (and mak­ing sure the but­ler was out of sight) Ruby went in again! And this time, she got lucky! Caleb is totally into her!

So much that, uhm… Yes. Coffin woo­hoo. Unpro­tec­ted coffin woo­hoo. Because Ruby's wish states that she wants to cre­ate off­spring, which means Caleb doesn't count as a fam­ily mem­ber, I decided to get Ruby preg­nant! Her first off­spring is a fact! Which brings me to this part's poll. With the magic of mods, I found out that Ruby is in fact expect­ing a girl, so I thought up some nice girl names for this kid. Vote for your favour­ite, or add your own suggestion!

Baby names?
  • Briar 33%, 1 vote
    1 vote 33%
    1 vote – 33% of all votes
  • Lamia* 33%, 1 vote
    1 vote 33%
    1 vote – 33% of all votes
  • Luna 33%, 1 vote
    1 vote 33%
    1 vote – 33% of all votes
  • Rayne 0%, 0 votes
    0 votes
    0 votes – 0% of all votes
Total Votes: 3
26th Janu­ary 201728th Janu­ary 2017
Vot­ing is closed

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