Dream Girlfriend Login Screen

It is finally hap­pen­ing! A LP of Dream Girl­friend! Or as I tend to call it, Niz­iK­ano. (JP stuff) This is a game where we attempt to build our per­fect girl­friend! No, really. That's the game. And then we level up and keep adding girl­friends. Yes. Best premise for a game ever. So, while it loads, let me intro­duce you to the NPCs.

A shy girl, often difficult to understand. Daughter of the Nanairo Zaibatsu CEO and younger friend of Momoka and Yui. Blood type: AB3 4 5 6 7 8 9

So let's just say: Saki is best waifu. Of course, you can make your own waifu, but out of these NPCs, Saki is best waifu. Now that's said, let's actu­ally start the game!

10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

I give you, our prot­ag­on­ist! We get to name him later. Right now, he's just a dumb fuck who had a flip phone in 2016. 2016!


That awk­ward moment when you first meet your waifu.

19 20

She tells you that you have a legendary phone app and you notice that she's cute. Prot­ag­on­ists from Japan…

21 22 23

The plot. Basic­ally. Yup. Best writ­ing. A+++ 1110 GOTY.


UNTOLD HAPPINESS! I love this sen­tence so much. The cheese is so real you'd think Dutch people made this.

25 26

Yeah why not. I mean, untold hap­pi­ness doesn't sound too wrong.


This is a qual­ity game, I assure you!

28 29

When things slowly get kinda creepy.

30 31 32

You know this is a game for weebs when the protag doesn't worry about an unknown girl break­ing into his house but does worry about his prom­ised Girl­friend of Legends.


Single mem­bers of Team Henty, are you tak­ing notes? This is how you get a girlfriend!

34 35 36

I dunno, Saki does strike me as the 'bru­tally hon­est' type.


Call­ing your own app 'legendary'. Classy.


And if you think this couldn't get any creepier, behold!

40 41 42

Now, if you are smarter than the aver­age dat­ing sim prot­ag­on­ist, you'd under­stand that they totally set him up with this 'Legendary Cell­phone'. Totally.


And fol­low­ing is a really long tutorial that I'm skip­ping. Instead of that, have the TL;DR ver­sion by someone who has played this for over a year. You get a girl­friend, you raise affec­tion, let her work for money and let her study for traits. All of this gives exp. You level up to unlock stuff. There's events too. That's basic­ally it.

49 50

Protag is called Team. Our first girl­friend is called Donut. And of course, you're dying to see her. Well, here she is!


Yes, Donut is a tanned loli. Because fuck yes.

Any­way, now I can just weekly update this when events hap­pen and stuff. I do need your help in pick­ing Donut a per­son­al­ity though! You can get a full list here. Some have required levels but don't let that keep you from sug­gest­ing them! Lev­el­ing is easy in this game! Also, do you think Donut needs a new face? New eye col­our? Head to this page and tell me what you want! Donut is the Team's Dream Girl­friend after all!

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