Chapter 9: Strife! (part 2)

Luna’s win­dow of choice was locked. How­ever, it took her only one kick with her left leg to break it entirely into pieces. Care­fully she climbed through it. The room was really dark. “Ha. A per­fect bad guy’s hide-out.”, Luna said, dust­ing off her skirt.

Look­ing around, she didn’t notice the eyes fol­low­ing her. If she had been with Pavel, she knew it happened in the same glow­ing man­ner as it when Pavel entered his room. Glow­ing yel­low, blue eyes were watch­ing her. And they weren’t nice.

Hey, a burg­lar just called us a bad guy.”, a mas­cu­line voice said. “I know, I’m not deaf you idiot!”, a fem­in­ine voice replied.

But if she’s a burg­lar, isn’t she the bad guy?”

She is, my brother, she is.”

At this rate, Luna expec­ted to see two per­sons emer­ging from the dark­ness. But in fact it was only one. “Ooh, a schizo­phrenic!”, Luna cheered. She was almost happy to see that the bad guys were a bit weird. The per­son, how­ever, obvi­ously wasn’t. “No we’re not!”, the fem­in­ine voice yelled. “We are sib­lings, you bitch!”, the mas­cu­line voice added. “And yet you’re talk­ing from the same mouth…”, Luna mused, grin widen­ing as she read­ied her scythe. “Well then, are you will­ing to just give me the key to the hall­way or are you two going to put up a fight?”

Just sev­eral minutes later, Luna stepped out on the hall­way, covered in some­thing that looked like motor oil. “Who even chal­lenges a girl with a scythe…”, she said, smil­ing widely. Pavel was still there and looked at her. “You got your uni­form spoiled Luna.”, he said.

Luna checked out her clothes imme­di­ately and cursed like a sailor.

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