Chapter 8: Strife! (part 1)

Pavel floated at his post of the build­ing. The win­dow wasn’t even locked. This was way too easy for a badass like him. He opened the win­dow and climbed inside. The room was dark, and smelled like alco­hol. It had everything a bad place should have, except the bad guy.

But Pavel soon dis­covered that there was a bad guy. Red eyes were glar­ing at him and he was think­ing about mak­ing a run for it. But right when he moved his right foot the per­son rose and threw an empty bottle at him. Pavel dodged it. The bottle shattered against the wall behind him. “That’s dan­ger­ous!”, he said angrily, cross­ing his arms and try­ing to radi­ate the badass that was con­tained inside of him.

Bad idea.

Actu­ally, on a scale from 0 to releas­ing a dan­ger­ous com­puter virus into the world it was the worst idea Pavel had ever had. The per­son stepped into the light, groan­ing at the light that hit her face. “Fuck offffff…”, she muttered. “Jus’ as I care a fu’ ‘bout any­thin’…” She was rub­bing her eyes, and Pavel decided to try his luck. Which was an even worse idea. “Are you feel­ing alright, miss? Do you need any­thing?” The woman grunted. “I need you to fuck­off, I jus’ said­dit…” She wobbled a little. “I have dis hella hangover man…” Pavel nod­ded under­stand­ably. “I’d like to leave, but the door seems to be locked.”, he replied. “Bu’ you came tru a win­dow fo’ fuck’s sake!”, the woman wined. “A whateve’ here’s the key…” She tried to steady her­self, and yanked off the key from her belt. She threw it at Pavel with such brute force that Pavel just had to duck. It smashed to the wall behind him, just like the bottle before. Care­fully, he picked it up. “I didn’t quite catch your name, miss?”, he tried. She glared at him. Almost pois­on­ous. It was mak­ing him shiver. “Okay, I’ll go now. Maybe I’ll return when you are feel­ing better.”

When he opened the door, another bottle was thrown. Pavel quickly closed the door so he wouldn’t get hit. “You ass­wipe! You tal’ too mush…”, the woman screamed at him. It took Pavel a moment to steady him­self, but then he grinned. He loved females when they were angry at him.

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