Chapter 7: Inbetween!

The plan was simple. Hikaru almost feared it was too simple. But since C. Inc. prob­ably sus­pec­ted no-one to use the inter­net Pavel went ahead and looked up every tiny little detail he could find about them. It turned out they had 5 mem­bers. Which gave shape to a hor­rible, but pos­sibly work­ing, attack plan.

Because.”, Luna had said quite simply. “We are with 5 per­sons too!”

Hikaru thought it was stu­pid. Chi­hon thought Hikaru should think of a bet­ter plan if she thought it was stu­pid. Hikaru couldn’t and so they went with the stu­pid plan.

This is a map of the offices of the employ­ees.”, Pavel said, hold­ing a badly drawn map. (He made it him­self.) “Since Yuugi, Luna and I can fly we will take the top floors. You guys stay on the ground floor. It works out perfectly.”

Chi­hon made cop­ies of the map after Pavel assigned every­body an office. Now every­body had a hor­ribly drawn map. Every­body seemed to be okay with this plan. Hikaru seemed to be sur­roun­ded by idiots.

Let’s go and save the world!”, Yuugi cheered. Luna cheered too. Chi­hon and Pavel cheered, but less happy. Hikaru groaned instead. She just hoped nobody would carry around guns or anything.

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