Chapter 6: Agreed!

After all the details were saved (read: writ­ten down by Chi­hon, they all agreed it was too dan­ger­ous to save on Yuugi’s hard disk) and Yuugi was ‘released’ from the mon­itor and every­one star­ted debat­ing about an attack plan.

We need to shut down the android spread­ing the virus. Since it helped Hikaru when Yuugi was shut down it should the­or­et­ic­ally work the same for the source.”, Chi­hon stated.

They all agreed on that. With the files found they could eas­ily track down the loc­a­tion of the android.

It will prob­ably be heav­ily guarded though. So we need to invest­ig­ate before we attack.”, Pavel said.

Again, they all agreed.

We should enter the coordin­ates on the internet.”

Every­body looked at Yuugi as if he was crazy.

No, really! They never expect us to do that!”, he said.

They don’t even expect us to be able to use the inter­net.”, Hikaru added.

Now every­body agreed.


It took some time to get Yuugi booted up again. But he sat in his pre­vi­ous pos­i­tion, again con­nec­ted to a com­puter screen, with his eyes closed and a calm look on his face. Mean­while, Pavel was typ­ing away like crazy, try­ing to find some­thing. Any­thing. It took him about half an hour.

This is it. C. Inc.”, he said, point­ing at the screen, which dis­played a neat busi­ness site. It wasn’t clear what busi­ness they did. But Luna said what every­body thought. “They do shady business.”

Again every­body agreed to some­thing. Never did they all agree on so much in one day.

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