Chapter 5: Wrong!

For someone who didn’t know how to use the inter­net, Chi­hon was a fast learner. In 10 minutes she had the basics down, cour­tesy of Pavel and Luna. Yuugi occa­sion­ally said some­thing, but held his eyes closed. Even Hikaru tried to help, after accept­ing the plan as the best plan they could make at the moment.

Oh look, we already found a way to track the files! That wasn’t hard at all!”, Luna cheered.

Prob­ably because they didn’t think we could actu­ally track it at all.”, Chi­hon muttered.

Well, that makes them stu­pid.”, Pavel said.

Yuugi, are you okay?”, Hikaru asked quietly. Yuugi nod­ded. Hikaru sighed in response. She was still not okay with this. Not okay with this at all. At that moment, how­ever, Yuugi opened his eyes widely.

It’s another android!”, he said loudly.

The oth­ers were silent for a while. Pavel and Luna both stared intensely at the screen to dis­cover what Yuugi just found, but Chi­hon nod­ded. “Makes sense. Somehow.”

It’s almost the same oper­at­ing sys­tem as I run on. I recog­nized it eas­ily.”, Yuugi con­tin­ued. Chi­hon nod­ded under­stand­ing. “Good thing we have this settled. No zom­bie virus then?”

Yuugi shook his head.

Well, that was good. Sort of. In a weird and unset­tling way.

Now to make a new plan.

Say, android-kid.”, Pavel star­ted. “You think that the android made the virus? Or did some­body put it in it?”

Yuugi thought about it for a while. “Androids can only do what is pro­grammed.”, he replied. “So even if it made the virus, that was because it was pro­grammed to do so.”

That is so wrong…”, Hikaru said.

And every­body agreed.

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