Chapter 4: No!

Luna was arguing with Pavel about how to defeat the so-called zom­bies. Because she was a shinigami she knew best. But Pavel was a vam­pire, so he knew a great deal about the occult too. And Chi­hon was occa­sion­ally com­ment­ing on how she didn’t believe a thing they were saying.

Hikaru, on the other hand, sat against the wall and held the hand of her brother. She knew his sleep wasn’t peace­ful at all, even if he looked like it.

She sighed. There should be some­thing they could do.

Right when she sighed again, Yuugi sat down facing her. He dragged an old mon­itor with him. Hikaru just looked at him, not both­er­ing to say any­thing, which set Yuugi off.

So I thought, since we are immune to the virus, that we should find out who is caus­ing this. Since a virus has a maker, usu­ally.”, he star­ted. No-one really listened but Hikaru, but that was enough for Yuugi right now.

And if we could track the virus safely, we could find the source!”, he cheered. Hikaru nod­ded. “We need a com­puter for that though. And com­puters will get infected.”

Yes. That is why I brought this mon­itor. So you could use me as com­puter, see­ing I’m immune now.”


No no no no no no.

Hikaru didn’t say that, she screamed it. Hysterically.

But Hika-chan…”


It was not going to hap­pen. Not after all that happened before all this. Not after she almost died, Yuugi con­fessed to her and they had to erase his memor­ies. Hikaru would not let it happen!

But how else are you going to be happy?”

Yuugi was look­ing at her. So was every­body else but they didn’t mat­ter right now. “I won’t be happy if you sac­ri­fice your­self for me you derp!”

She was still scream­ing. It was still not going to happen.

But I’m immune now! I’ll be fine! Ever saw that one movie where this guy ends up being the only one alive? Don’t want to end like that right?”

Her boy­friend was an idiot.

Her boy­friend was an idiot but he had a point.

And Hikaru sat down into submission.

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