Chapter 13, Baesment!

That was the worst bunch of bad guys ever.”, Yuugi said. “They didn’t even explode any­thing, or kid­nap someone or-“

Shut up Yuugi.”

Hikaru had taken the liberty of lead­ing the group through the build­ing. Although she had no idea where to go, and the oth­ers weren’t actu­ally help­ing. At all.

I bet we have to go to the base­ment.”, Yuugi con­tin­ued, com­pletely ignor­ing Chihon’s earlier order for him to shut up. “Bad guys are always doing stuff in the base­ment.” Pavel nod­ded, look­ing dead-serious. “Unless there’s trouble in para­dise.” Chi­hon sighed deeply. “That’s not what the phrase means, Pavel. “, she muttered, but Pavel, just like Yuugi, was com­pletely ignor­ing it. Even though, Hikaru thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to go check the base­ment any­way. They haven’t been there yet. What could pos­sibly happen?

Well, Luna com­plain­ing about clichés, Pavel brag­ging about his night vis­ion and Chi­hon almost fall­ing from the stairs. But to Hikaru, that was actu­ally an unevent­ful des­cend. The only thing that was both­er­ing her was that it was pitch black in the base­ment, and judging by the way that their voices echoed, it also was big as hell. Great.

Grop­ing around the walls (and Yuugi mak­ing a joke about grop­ing around the walls) Chi­hon found the light switch and the lights of the base­ment flickered on. They made this buzz­ing noise that Hikaru could best describe as ‘Yuugi when it rains’ and it gave her a legit bad guy hideout-feel. Said boy­friend was hov­er­ing next to her and eye­ing the light bulbs sus­pi­ciously. Hikaru looked at them too, but noticed noth­ing wrong. She sighed and shook her head. Stu­pid boyfriend.

Uhm, guys, look at this…”, Luna said. “There’s a beau­ti­ful lady sit­ting here.”, Pavel added. Chi­hon, in her turn, groaned. “You think every lady is beau­ti­ful, mind you. Don’t go off try­ing to court every female on this planet, will you.” Pavel just smirked.

Yuugi and Hikaru walked over to the oth­ers. Although Yuugi was still hov­er­ing. Stu­pid boy­friend. Sit­ting in a circle of machinery sat a girl, wrapped in a red piece of cloth. She looked at Pavel with a smile. “It’s fine mis­ter, I see it as a compliment.”

Although it was not okay.

It was so not okay that Yuugi punched Pavel in the face. “Don’t you start hit­ting on my sis­ter you bloodsucker!”

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