Chapter 6: Choices?

Haruki had laid his head on the lunch table. Both Rysz­ard and Joëll sat with him, look­ing at their friend. “So, are you gonna tell us what’s up or not bro?”, Joëll asked. Haruki sighed. “It’s… com­plic­ated… But me and sis are fight­ing.”, he muttered. “Ah, but you have been fight­ing before right?”, Rysz­ard asked. “Or is it dif­fer­ent?” Haruki nod­ded. “It’s dif­fer­ent this time.” He sighed again, deeply. “Hey, just so you know, you can always crash at my place, okay?”, Joëll said. “Thanks…”, Haruki said. “Have you stud­ied for that his­tory test yet?”, Rysz­ard tried chan­ging the sub­ject. It worked, sort of. “Well, a little bit… You guys?” Joëll’s face pulled into a grin, he ruffled Ryszard’s hair. “We were study­ing yes­ter­day, guess what? The witch hunter from that fam­ous story going around was a Pol­ish guy!” Rysz­ard nod­ded. “They sent him here to ‘fight pagan rituals’, appar­ently.” And Haruki just didn’t know anymore.


Hikaru felt like she was about to break down. Yuugi had given her his candy. “Chocol­ate makes you feel bet­ter.”, he had told her. It didn’t really work, but Hikaru quietly ate the chocol­ate either way. “So, what’s wrong?”, Yuugi asked. Straight to the point, as always. “I’ve been hav­ing weird dreams, about witch hunt­ings…”, Hikaru sighed. No point of hind­ing it any longer, she needed help. “And I went to the lib­rary for inform­a­tion, and there I found out that he witch here was turned in by her brother.” Silence. Yuugi fol­ded his arms. “So you and Haru-bro fought about that?” Hikaru nod­ded. “How did you find that?”, he asked. “The lib­rar­ian told me…”, Hikaru muttered. Again, silence. “Okay, so let me get this straight. You’re hav­ing weird dreams, you go to the lib­rary for inform­a­tion and you trust the per­son that works in that lib­rary, which is the creepi­est place ever!” Yuugi held out his arms to demon­strate how creepy the place was accord­ing to him. “I think you need to re-evaluate your choices, Hikaru!”

Hikaru fell com­pletely silent. She never heard Yuugi mak­ing so much sense.

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