Chapter 5: Sorry?

Hikaru had hur­ried home after get­ting an inform­a­tion over­load by Chi­hon. She was wor­ried, or maybe just para­noid, that Haruki was plot­ting some­thing while she was out. Or maybe hurt­ing Yuugi. Or both? Com­pletely flustered and out of breath she stumbled into the liv­ing room, but Haruki and Yuugi where just doing what they said they would. Play­ing an old Crash Bandicoot-game. They both looked up at her the moment she walked in. “Are you okay sis?”, Haruki asked. Hikaru just nod­ded. “I found out some­thing… Inter­est­ing about the witch hunts.”, she muttered. Silence fell. Yuugi looked from Hikaru to Haruki and back, and cleared his throat. “Guess I’ll be going then…” He got up, but Hikaru stopped him from walk­ing out. “When did you visit the library?”

Last week, before we had to turn in those papers for biology.”

Why? You hate books and always use the internet.”

Yuugi sighed. “Hika-chan…” He pouted at Hikaru. “There’s a com­puter virus run­ning around freely! I don’t want to get ill!” He fol­ded his arms. “It’s been in the news for two weeks straight! There are no scan­ners that can pick it up yet, so I’m off­line for two weeks now. You really didn’t know that?”

Hikaru actu­ally didn’t know that. But Haruki seemed to know. “That’s why I told you to go to the lib­rary.” Yuugi smirked at Hikaru. “Sleep­ing is for the weak isn’t some­thing to take ser­i­ously!”, he told her. Before Hikaru could reply, he walked through the front door. “See you guys tomorrow!”


There was a lot of silence after Yuugi left. Hikaru told Haruki what Chi­hon had told her, but her brother didn’t jump up on the defenses or con­fess. Instead he was wor­ried. “But there’s noth­ing weird hap­pen­ing with me…”, he told Hikaru. “That’s because I haven’t been caught yet, I think…”, she replied cas­u­ally. “You… Actu­ally think I’m going to let you get killed, aren’t you?” Haruki seemed sad, defeated really. He just walked away from the con­ver­sa­tion, leav­ing Hikaru alone.


It was a cold but calm night. No stars, no moon. No lake either. Just a clean, pitch-black sky and a grassy slope to sit on.

Only to sit on, because she couldn’t move once again.

How long will this go on?” It was the same ques­tion as she was ask­ing herself.

I don’t want to do this, you know.”

He was kind. Some­what. Was he really her brother? He soun­ded differently.

I’m tired.”

Yes. She was tired too, but you didn’t hear her com­plain­ing. Although that was prob­ably because she couldn’t move.

I’m sorry.”

For once, a dream ended without scar­ing Hikaru.

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