Chapter 4: Brother?

You are fuck­ing kid­ding me.”

Hikaru looked at her brother, wav­ing his arms around frantic­ally. “No! I’m ser­i­ous! Appar­ently there has been a witch hunt here!” Haruki held out his arms like he was try­ing to catch some­thing. “Your dreams might be con­nec­ted to that!” It seemed… Plaus­ible at least. Hikaru nod­ded. “Worth a try, I guess.”, she told Haruki, who sighed in relief. “I will look into it tomor­row. I’ll take a detour to the lib­rary.”, Hikaru told her brother, who nod­ded heav­ily. “Yes. Please.”


The night­mares appar­ently went back to chas­ing again. Hikaru didn’t know if that was good or bad. How­ever, she wasn’t as scared that morn­ing as she was dur­ing the last one. School was unevent­ful too. Mis­ter Cactloid was still ‘broken’ and her friends were still unaware of the weird dreams. Yuugi was silent, but only because he had bought a new, spe­cial kind of his favour­ite candy and was care­fully inspect­ing and eat­ing it. Koibito talked to Hikaru about Rysz­ard, as usual. “He has a cute accent, and he looks good, and he is strong and caring… He’s like a Pol­ish God!” Hikaru almost spit out her drink as response. “You’re scar­ing me Koibi!” There was a moment of silence, before Koibito under­stood she was tak­ing it a bit too far. “I’m sorry, but he’s just per­fect!”, she squealed. Hikaru nod­ded, sigh­ing, and gave Koibito a pat on her head. “I know Koibi, I know.”


Doing as her brother sug­ges­ted, Hikaru decided to go to the lib­rary dir­ectly after school. The lib­rary was actu­ally on the route she usu­ally walked home, which made it a lot easier. Both yuugi and Haruki walked with her, and they looked at the old build­ing used to store books. “I always thought this was a creepy place…”, Haruki muttered. Yuugi nod­ded. “Inside too, the books just go on and on and on…” Now it was Haruki’s time to nod. “I take that as ‘We are not going with you.’ Is that right?”, Hikaru asked. Both the boys nod­ded this time. “Haru-bro is going to show me his new old game!”, Yuugi said hap­pily. Jeal­ousy sparked up in Hikaru’s core, but she shrugged it off eas­ily. “Kay, have fun guys!” She waved her brother and friend good­bye, before enter­ing the lib­rary, which indeed looked a little bit scary.


There were books every­where. It sur­prised Hikaru that Yuugi’s descrip­tion of the lib­rary was so accur­ate. It meant he had actu­ally vis­ited it. She wondered if he got lost, like he did. And just when she wondered about that, a voice made her jump out of her skin. “Excuse me, can I help you with some­thing?” Hikaru spun around. It was only the lib­rar­ian. “Uhm, yes… Do you have any books here about the witch hunt­ing that happened in this city?” The lib­rar­ian nod­ded. “Fol­low me, miss…”

Hikaru, my name is Hikaru.”

Nice to meet you Hikaru, my name is Chihon.”


Chi­hon had pulled out some old and dusty books, with real leather cov­ers. Hikaru admired them, before the lib­rar­ian star­ted talk­ing. “There have been a lot of hunts in this city. But the most records are about one par­tic­u­lar hunt.” Chi­hon opened one book, it was pale brown on the out­side. “Known as the ‘Run­ning Witch’, a witch that kept escap­ing from her captors.” Within a second Hikaru’s face turned pale. “She got killed in the end.”, Chi­hon said. “Her brother betrayed her and turned her in.”

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