Chapter 3: Witch?

Good morn­ing. You are listen­ing to the news of 7 AM. Com­puters nation­wide have been struck by a yet unknown viru-“

But what if he killed me Haruki? I wake up covered in scratches and bruises every morn­ing what if he actu­ally killed me in my dream? Would I be dead? I would, wouldn’t I?”

Hikaru felt bad for shout­ing at her brother, but she was ser­i­ously scared of her night­mares. Even more than pre­vi­ously. But Haruki couldn’t help it. He felt help­less, watch­ing how his sis­ter mys­ter­i­ously got dam­aged every night. He tried to see what was caus­ing it, but the wounds seemed to appear out of the blue while she was sleep­ing. He just didn’t under­stand. “Let’s just… Go to school.”, he muttered. Hikaru kept silent, and nodded.

… warm and a small chance of rain in the even­ing. Have a nice day!”


But, did you hear there has been a witch-hunt here?”, Rysz­ard asked Haruki, who shook his head. “Whoa you gotta pay atten­tion in his­tory classes bro!”, Joëll told him. “Yeah, I should…”, Haruki muttered. “Can you guys tell me what I have missed?” His friends nod­ded. “Just come over after school, we’ll tell you everything.”, Joëll said.


Hikaru looked at her phone. “Haruki’s gonna stay over.”, she told Yuugi. Her friend shrugged. “Fine, we don’t have to wait for him then. Let’s go home, school’s bor­ing.” Hikaru couldn’t agree more. “Where’s Mis­ter Cactloid, by the way?”, she asked. Their math-teacher hasn’t been show­ing up lately. “Appar­ently he’s broken. Haven’t you heard?”, Yuugi answered. “Oh, I remem­ber, you slept through class when they told that!” Yuugi smirked at Hikaru, who sighed deeply. Yuugi didn’t come up with a rude remark tho, he just yawned. “I’m sorry, I’m a bit low on energy…”, he mumbled, rub­bing his eyes. “No wor­ries. We’ll be home soon.”, Hikaru said. Yuugi nod­ded. “You gotta charge up too, unless you wanna keep miss­ing stuff!”, he told Hikaru, who scoffed. “You’re being very con­sid­er­ate for someone who cop­ies his home­work.” And Yuugi giggled lightly.

But he was right though. Hikaru should fig­ure out these dreams soon, before she would lose her life completely.

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