Chapter 1: Dream?



Run­ning so fast and long her legs were about to give in. Why was she run­ning? Where was she? What was she doing? Well, next to run­ning that is.

She aw glimpses of her­self. Those were not her reg­u­lar clothes. That was not how she wore her hair. What was hap­pen­ing? What in the world-

Bam! Lose track of your legs for a second and you fall. She tried to get up again, only to notice that her hands are bruised and bloody and prob­ably broken too. But she was in good health last time she checked. Or was she? This was all so confusing.

There were foot­steps. People com­ing for her. She felt panic rising in her chest, but why? Wasn’t it good that there were people com­ing now she couldn’t run any further?

Or was she run­ning from them.

Which one it was didn’t mat­ter when the foot­steps came hor­rible close. She felt warmth. What was it? She tried to look around, but her atten­tion went to a pair of legs in front of her very quickly.

Man­aging to look up, she saw a pair of bright, glow­ing eyes look­ing at her. And a smirk. Why… Did this feel so familiar?

No time to think about it, the per­son in front of her grabbed her left arm and pulled her up. It hurt, it hurt like hell. But the smirk stayed. “Got you now, witch!”

And then she noticed the warmth around her came from torches.


Hikaru wake up bathing in sweat. What… What did just hap­pen? A dream. It was a night­mare. She sighed and sat up. Someone knocked on the door. It was her brother, who else could it be? “Is some­thing wrong sis? I heard you moan­ing.” Hikaru smiled a little, Haruki always was nice to her. “Just a bad dream, noth­ing to worry about.”, she told him. “I’m going to take a shower.” Haruki hummed in agree­ment and she heard him walk back to his own room. She got up, rub­bing her eyes.

Sud­den silence.

Her hands were bruised. Bloody. Prob­ably broken too.

And she screamed.

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