The sak­ura trees looked won­der­ful. It was the start of a new year of school. Koibito had been look­ing for­ward to this. Her body had developed itself dur­ing hol­i­day, so her uni­form didn’t fit as neatly as before. But that was okay. She didn’t worry about it. All she was think­ing about, was that one spe­cial person.

I hope sen­pai notices me…”, she muttered dreamingly.

The wind caught up under her skirt, and she des­per­ately tried to avoid the panty shot, but it was too late. Her shi­mapan showed. But luck­ily, only sen­pai noticed it.

Sen­pai took the hand of Koibito, who was blush­ing madly. Petals of the sak­ura tree fell. “Koibito-kohai…”, sen­pai star­ted. “You are so kawaii.” Koibito exhaled deeply, before reply­ing: “Ryszard-senpai, you are so kakoi.”

They stared into each other’s eyes, love at first sight.

Sen­pai, please be gentle.”, Koibito whispered.

And Ryszard-senpai took his kohai with him into the sunset.

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