She was a cute girl. At least, that was what most people thought when they first saw Hanami. How­ever, just like every­one, Hanami had a secret. And her secret might just change the way people view her. Quite lit­er­ally even. It all star­ted when her house­mate Joëll first brought over his boy­friend. He was a really nice guy, both in looks and per­son­al­ity. Hanami hung around with them until they both decided to get some sleep. They had big plans for tomor­row, they said. And Hanami saw this as the per­fect time to have a live Q&A; with her fans on her site. She booted up her laptop and web­cam and announced the stream on her web­site. There weren’t many view­ers. Which might have saved her in the end, but it greatly annoyed Hanami at that time. When she just had everything set up and was ready to go, Hanami was rudely inter­rup­ted by… Loud, but cap­tiv­at­ing noises… It was per­fectly clear to Hanami that the boys in the room upstairs were not asleep, but sleep­ing with each other. Hanami lost all interest in her stream and could only con­cen­trate on the sounds the boys gave her. Damn it, Hanami found Joëll’s boy­friend a cuter guy than she wanted to admit, but now she heard him loud and clear and all she could do was fight against her ima­gin­a­tion. But her ima­gin­a­tion was quite lively and strong. Images of that male doing things with her instead crept into Hanami’s mind and she could not res­ist it. One of her hands slid up her top and she star­ted strok­ing her breasts to the rhythm of the two boys upstairs. And as the noise grew louder, almost hys­ter­ical, one of Hanami’s hands traveled down­wards. She had no exper­i­ence what­so­ever in the sex depart­ment, but she could eas­ily form the images in her mind. The older boy caressed her breasts and licked her neck. He looked at her with his big, blue eyes and asked her if it was okay to con­tinue. And oh yes, it was okay. It was the only thing that Hanami’s ima­gin­a­tion deemed okay. If you would’ve stopped she would’ve forced him to con­tinue. Hanami never felt so lewd before. Com­pletely in synch with the boys upstairs she grew louder and moved faster, until all three of them reached their cli­max scream­ing. Hanami hung in her chair, gasp­ing for air and still won­der­ing what just happened. The screen of her PC flickered. Hanami tried to focus on it, and could make out a com­ment of her only viewer of this livestream. [0701]If you’ll keep doing this dur­ing your streams I’ll watch it every time. A week later, Hanami did exactly that.

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