God, it was so wrong. So, so wrong but Haruki just couldn’t stop. Quietly, he kept the bath­room door open with his hands. A wave of hot air reached out for him before he got what he was look­ing for. It was such a beau­ti­ful sight, the water drops slid­ing over his sister’s body while she was tak­ing a shower. He wanted to watch her every day. And he got away with it too. Even if he knew he was enjoy­ing this way too much. He just hoped that his sis­ter would never find out. Ever.

But God, he was so wrong. Again.

Because Hikaru noticed every move he made. She actu­ally secretly enjoyed the atten­tion he was giv­ing her. But of course, the way he was behav­ing… So secret­ive, and aroused around her… She should pun­ish him. It was her body, after all. It was a good thing she still had that little… Some­thing extra that could be put in someone’s drink. It would come in very use­ful tonight…

Haruki wasn’t really feel­ing so well. Maybe he ate some­thing that got his body messed up. He wasn’t really sure. He just decided to go to bed early. It would be all gone next morn­ing, right?

God, he couldn’t be more wrong.

His rest was hor­ribly dis­turbed when he felt some­thing, or someone, crawl­ing on top of him. He was barely able to open his eyes, but when he did he was sur­prised to see his sis­ter sit­ting on top of him. It wasn’t a dream, or was it? Because he felt so… Weird… “Well well…”, Hikaru said, smirk­ing coyly. “Aren’t you a bad brother, peek­ing at your sis­ter like that, hm?” Haruki wasn’t sure what to say, and ifhe could even reply. Not that it mattered to Hikaru. She re-positioned her­self and pushed her nose to her brother’s. “I should def­in­itely pun­ish you.”, she said calmly. “But where’s the fun in that, hm? I should play with you a little, it will change your ideas.” She licked her lips, before bit­ing Haruki in his shoulder. Her brother shivered, unable to make any sound. And unable to define his feel­ings. Hikaru wasn’t sat­is­fied though. She sat up again and took off her top. She wasn’t wear­ing a bra, Haruki noticed. He felt him­self blush­ing, and tried to fight every feel­ing that arisen inside of him. But when Hikaru blatantly pushed her breasts against Haruki’s chest he couldn’t. “Oh dear brother, you cer­tainly are hope­less…”, Hikaru muttered, strok­ing Haruki’s face. “But don’t worry, I will help you.” She went from strok­ing Haruki’s face to strok­ing Haruki’s already hard mem­ber while he was exper­i­en­cing both pleas­ure and fear at the same time. He tried squirm­ing out of his sister’s grip, but it had no effect. Nor­mally, he would’ve thrown her over eas­ily, but not now. She spiked his drink. He was sure of it. Mean­while, Hikaru pulled down his pants far enough to bare her brother’s throb­bing mem­ber. She looked up at him, grin­ning. He looked back at her, not know­ing if he was plead­ing for her to con­tinue or to stop. Not that she would stop if he asked her to. Hikaru tsk’ed at him before mov­ing her panties out of the way. “Now, allow your sis­ter to relieve your stress, okay?” Haruki couldn’t do any­thing but watch how his sis­ter forced him to enter her. And he enjoyed it, not even secretly any­more. “Shhh… You look so tired. Let me do the work for you.”, Hikaru quietly said. Not that Haruki could even move, but he was strangely okay with how she treated him. And how she moved, how she dom­in­ated him. God, everything about this was hor­ribly wrong. So wrong it was amaz­ing. So he embraced the whole situ­ation and let her rav­age him com­pletely. There was no way he could ever win this fight. So Haruki went with the flow, finally able to let out sounds, only to express his pleas­ure. He couldn’t move, but Hikaru could, and when she felt him tens­ing up, she bent down to his face, only to lick his ear­lobe in a most sen­sual way. And that tipped her brother over the edge. He came silent, not even able to spasm. Hikaru chuckled in response. “I am happy to be of assist­ance, my dear brother…”, she told him. “Never will you do this again, right?” It took all the power in Haruki’s body to just shake his head as an answer. And that sat­is­fied his sis­ter. She smiled sweetly at him, before get­ting off his body and dress­ing her­self again.She then quietly left the room, leav­ing Haruki in whatever state of mind he was.

God, this was so, so wrong.

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