Haruki actu­ally loved his sis­ter. Even if she wasn’t always the nicest per­son around. Even if she some­times treated him like shit. Even if she found his interest in robot­ics a nerdy thing and con­stantly teased him about it. Haruki loved his sis­ter like a good brother, accept­ing all the parts he didn’t love. And that is why he screamed when he found her dead on his porch.

After he car­ried her inside his whole world broke down. His sis­ter couldn’t really judge people and often ended up with the wrong people to befriend at her side. Just this after­noon when he waved her good­bye, he had warned her about the crim­inal gang that had been roamed the city for a while now. They killed most of their vic­tims. And so did they kill Hikaru too. Haruki sobbed next to her body, vow­ing that if he could he would change back time and save his sis­ter. Maybe even sac­ri­fice him­self for her sake. And that was when his eyes fell on his stud­ies. He had been study­ing robot­ics for a while now… Maybe that could save his sis­ter! He ran to his room, not even both­er­ing to call the police, and dragged all his equip­ment over to the liv­ing room. He would, surely, find a way to revive Hikaru. Even if it would take him all night.

And it actu­ally took him all night. And even with get­ting his sister’s vital func­tions to work she wasn’t ‘done’ yet. Hikaru’s right arm was mauled, and both her feet were cut off. It almost made Haruki vomit, but he was too ded­ic­ated and swal­lowed it down for the sake of his sis­ter. Mak­ing arti­fi­cial limbs wouldn’t be /that/ hard. He had even done it before. It just took a great deal of pro­gram­ming and they had to be con­nec­ted dir­ectly to her nerves in order to work with her board chip. Haruki greatly dis­liked that he had to turn his sis­ter into a cyborg, but it was his sis­ter after all. They didn’t have their par­ents any­more. He had no-one without her. And he couldn’t stand that idea. He couldn’t stand it to be alone.

It took Haruki a month, in which he prob­ably ate almost noth­ing and slept about 4 days in total, to com­pletely fin­ish Hikaru’s limbs and pro­gram­ming. And now, with the work com­pleted, he was dying to wake her up. Almost lit­er­ally. She without hes­it­at­ing, he pressed the but­ton and watched as his sis­ter stirred, just as if she had slept for an entire month. “Hikaru, can you hear me?”, he asked quietly. Hikaru opened her eyes and stared at him. “Haruki, the fuck, you look like shit…”, she muttered. Haruki nod­ded, and star­ted cry­ing uncontrollably.

Hikaru was angry. Hikaru was sad. But most of all, Hikaru was happy to have such a ded­ic­ated and lov­ing brother. She hugged him for so long she feared he fain­ted in her arms, and after that ran off to the kit­chen to make him a decent meal. Haruki had pro­grammed her to under­stand what he had just done for her and she was entirely grate­ful for it. In the kit­chen she heard that the crim­in­als who so cruelly killed her were still active.

They wouldn’t be after she was done with them.

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