Utter con­cen­tra­tion. He breathed slowly, cal­cu­lated. Every inch of his body was focused on his one and only goal: hit­ting the tar­get that was on the hill. Icha held his bow and arrow strongly and without any hes­it­a­tion. He was ready. This was the pin­nacle of arch­ery. He had trained for this. He could do this! But just as he let go of the arrow, the ground under­neath him shook as some­thing hit the earth hard. Icha saw his arrow fly past the tar­get. He couldn't be bothered though, since he had to go find whatever made him miss.

Icha ran through the hills, it couldn't have landed too far. It should be close, right? But it wasn't. He found the crater not close to his ori­ginal spot, but close to the sea. Adven­tur­ous as he was, Icha climbed into the crater, still hold­ing his bow and car­ry­ing his arrows on his back. It was deep, really deep. But that would explain why he felt the tremors even as far away as he was. At one moment, Icha thought he might not even find some­thing at all. But com­pletely at the bot­tom of the crater he did find something.

Or rather, someone.

In the deep, Icha found a woman. He came closer, care­fully. Was she dead? She must have been. Nobody would sur­vive that. He poked her with his bow. She grunted some­thing he couldn't under­stand. "Are you okay?", Icha asked. The woman grunted again, but this time she raised her­self. She stretched, straightened her hair and reposi­tioned her glasses. After that, she cursed at the sky. "You fell into this thing?", Icha asked. The woman looked at him. "What a bril­liant deduc­tion.", she replied sar­castic­ally. "You must be a mas­ter detect­ive." Icha huffed. "Well here I was wor­ried about you. Seems you are com­pletely fine to me." He was halfway through walk­ing back to the wall to climb back up, but the woman stopped him. "Can you help me get out of here?", she asked. And Icha was just too much of a gen­tle­man to refuse a lady's call.

"So, this is the world I fell to.", the woman muttered as she looked out over the sea. "It's actu­ally big­ger that this…", Icha said. "What's your name?" The woman chuckled. "If I would speak my name in my lan­guage you would die instantly. But you can call me Chi­hon.", she answered. Icha shrugged. "Sure.", he said. "I'm Icha, nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too, Icha. Would you care to show me around this world?", Chi­hon replied. "That might be expens­ive…", Icha muttered. "I will take care of all expenses.", Chi­hon said. "Well then, let's go.", was Icha's imme­di­ate reply.

It was finally the adven­ture Icha had always dreamed of. He had never traveled around the world him­self, and trav­el­ing with Chi­hon, who most def­in­itely was an alien, made everything even more adven­tur­ous. Although Chi­hon might have a dif­fer­ent under­stand­ing of 'cov­er­ing all expenses'. Icha still had great fun. Feed­ing Chi­hon icecream, for instance. She had never tried any­thing like it. She was amaz­ingly against eat­ing it. Until she took a bite. After that, Icha had to buy her 3 more. Show­ing Chi­hon things that were so nor­mal for him but extraordin­ary for her made him look at the world in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent light. And dur­ing that time, he also star­ted to see Chi­hon in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent light. Sure, she might be a cranky alien. But she also was a beau­ti­ful woman. It didn't take much for him to fall in love with her. So when he took her back to the crater, he felt sad.

"So, are you going back now?", he asked Chi­hon. She nod­ded. "I want to thank you, Icha. I do not find someone as com­pas­sion­ate and help­ful as you at all." Icha sighed and shrugged. "No wor­ries. I'm glad you had fun."
"I most cer­tainly did."
"I will miss you."
Chi­hon didn't move. Instead, she looked at Icha. "I will miss you too.", she replied. "If you want to, my dear Icha, I could take you with me." Icha snorted. "I'm not an alien, like you.", he said, with a fake smile. "I am no alien, I am a God. And I can take you with me. We would be together forever in our world." Icha just stared. Together forever with Chi­hon. That soun­ded too good to be true. But still… "That sounds great.", he said, determ­ined to get it right. Chi­hon smiled. "Good.", she whispered. She walked back to Icha. Lay­ing her arms around his neck, her smile grew unnat­ur­ally wide. And Icha saw the tentacles mater­i­al­ising behind her. "I love you, Icha.", Chi­hon hissed. And everything went black.

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