Another great day, another pic­ture to add to Yuugi’s ever-growing scrap­book. His scrap­book was his biggest secret, it was filled with pic­tures of romantic things he and Hikaru had done over the past months. He decided that one day he’d show it to Hikaru and they would talk about all the pic­tures and have a really great even­ing, but for now that was just a dream. The book had to be filled first, Yuugi thought. He added the latest pic­ture to his book and sighed dream­ily, before grabbing his jelly­fish plush and rolling over his bed and gig­gling. Good thing his crush wasn’t here. This was all highly con­fid­en­tial. At the moment. Maybe if they dated longer… He laid down quietly, think­ing about it. Tomor­row was Valentine’s Day, he had to do some­thing. Make some­thing for Hikaru. But he wasn’t a star in the kit­chen. How­ever, he did know about chocol­ate. Shov­ing his plush to the side, and care­fully put­ting away his scrap­book, he grabbed his laptop (because it’s hard to browse the web and think prop­erly on the same internal memory) and went to his favor­ite web­shop. He just had the best idea.

It was the morn­ing of Feb­ru­ary 14th and Hikaru felt hor­rible. She had a bad night of sleep and basic­ally hated Valentine’s Day because it exis­ted. To make it even worse, Haruki was talk­ing loudly about all the romantic things he and his boy­friend were going to do which made Hikaru even grumpier. She was done with life very early today.

And then her brother told her she had a package.

It was all wrapped up in bright pink paper and had her address writ­ten on it with a curly font. Hikaru care­fully opened it, and saw an envel­ope that covered up the actual goods. She opened it and took out the let­ter. In the same curly font, it read:

My dearest Hikaru, I am not nearly as romantic as girls hope I would be. I am nearly as cre­at­ive in the kit­chen as I think I should be. But I want you to know that even if my skills are lack­ing my love for you is not, and I will give you any­thing I cher­ish. Happy Valentine’s Day.’

It was unsigned, but look­ing at the con­tents of the pack­age Hikaru quickly figured out who sent it. Because it was filled with all kinds of Kit-Kat flavors.

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